Energetic service teams for pain management and opioid dependency offices

Straightforward, flat-rate service fees

Practical, compliant legal agreements for our work together

IT support, innovation, upgrades, maintenance, and training

Comprehensive EHR provision, maintenance, training, troubleshooting

Excellent front-office patient care including check-ins, payments, completion of forms, EHR data updated, etc

Superb patient and practice scheduling

Vigilant patient chart security and maintenance

Complete HIPAA compliance program and training

Careful facility maintenance and security

Necessary accounting and bookkeeping

Medical credentialing compliance, renewals, regulations

Prior Authorizations

Warm environment for patient point of care

Innovative digital marketing and branding packages

Constant and never-ending education and training

Detailed policy and governance development

Elevated project management

And everything else for the business side of your practice


The Commitment

Metro Health Management Group Promises to:

Deliver an outstanding level of management services to enable you to practice medicine the way you were called to do.