The Why

Here are statements and questions that are common among busy providers:

“Paperwork is the bane of my existence.”

“Administrative burdens have gone too far.”

“I feel like I can’t ever cross the finish line.”

“I am so tired of wrestling with the EHR!”

“Keeping up with ever-changing office technology is exhausting.”

“I thought I went to medical school to help people, not run a business.”

Sound familiar? This is “THE WHY” behind everything Metro Health does. We are here to bring relief to the providers buried in daily office functions and create a platform for providers to focus on caring for their patients. Metro Health, at its core, wants providers to feel supported and happy so they can interact and help patients at a very high level-the level they went to school to be able to do. What would a day like that feel like for you? Would you go home at the end of the day with peace of mind knowing you gave everything to your patients? Would you feel like you got your life back and able to give enhanced time to your family, friends, hobbies, and service? Would you be able to enjoy time for exercise and vacations? This is the goal of Metro Health-to shoulder the day-to-day office functions of a medical practice so providers can REALLY do what they were called to do. Doesn’t that sound like heaven? This happens every day for providers who work with Metro Health.