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Jan Smith and Susan Fox

Susan S. Fox and Jan A. Smith are sisters. Their dad is a retired family physician. Growing up, they saw firsthand the sacrifices doctors make to ensure patients have access to good care.

Each recall many days/nights their dad was on call. They remember hearing dad talk to patients on the phone about symptoms while his family was at the dinner table or readying for bed late at night.

They overheard their dad talk about paying staff while not paying himself, hassling with office issues, and fussing about health insurance and other office hassles. Susan and Jan vividly recollect watching their dad put “snow chains” on his car tires when winter weather threatened.

For him, he was going to make it to the office, no matter what. Susan and Jan heard many of their dad’s patients comment on how much they loved their doctor. Because of their background and experience in healthcare, Susan and Jan understand the burdens doctors carry while trying to care for their patients.